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4‑H Youth Clubs

The 4-H Clover

Join, Volunteer, or Start a 4‑H Club in Monmouth County Today!

Participating in a 4‑H Club is a fun way to make friends while learning about your community and chosen project area. As a 4‑H member or volunteer, you can be proud to know that you are involved in a program which focuses on 'learning by doing.'

The four H's of 4‑H stand for 'head, heart, hands and health;' a representation of the character-building core values of independence, belonging, mastery and generosity. Through caring, adult volunteers, supportive 4‑H staff, land-grant (Rutgers) university curriculum, and fun and informative events, we are able to encourage youth to 'make the best better' within themselves, their clubs, their communities, and beyond.


4‑H clubs consist of members of an organized group of youth which is led by at least one trained adult volunteer. Clubs can be project specific (teen leadership, animal science, or cooking, to name a few) or community-based variety clubs, and should have a planned program that is carried out over the year. Clubs may meet in any Monmouth County location and typically have elected youth officers and a set of rules (club by-laws) approved by the members to govern the club.

It is important to note that the 4‑H Club Program has evolved from its traditional agricultural roots, as the program now services mainly suburban and urban communities. Today, livestock, gardening and home economic clubs function alongside of a wide variety of non-agricultural project-based clubs.

Currently, branches of the 4‑H Club Program exist in most of the Monmouth County townships and cover a variety of project areas including:

Photo: Club group photo.

Animal Science Clubs:

Art Clubs:

Engineering and Technology Clubs:

Environmental Science Clubs:

Service and Leadership Clubs:

School and Community-Based Clubs:

Sports and Fitness Clubs:

Variety Clubs:

If you are a Monmouth County resident and are interested in 4‑H, but do not see your preferred project area listed, don't worry! Monmouth County 4‑H Staff will work with you to find a club, or to start a new club.


4‑H clubs are open to youth in kindergarten through grade 13 (one year out of high school). Youth in grades K–3 participate in 4‑H Cloverbud Clubs, an exploratory program designed to help young people explore various project activities in a non-competitive environment. Youth in grades 4-13 belong to standard 4‑H clubs.

Throughout the year, 4‑H members participate in a variety of local, state-wide, regional and national events. Local events include County Public Presentations and the Monmouth County Fair. State-wide events include

Stat ePublic Presentations, State Animal Shows, and NJ 4‑H Summer Camp. The county fair and camp sessions are fun-filled events open to the general public, but are extra special for 4‑H members. They serve as a project showcase and final reward for a year of hard work. Through these events, youth learn fundamental life skills, such as leadership and citizenship.


Volunteers are an essential element of the 4‑H Club Program. New volunteers are always needed to share their expertise, no matter what that might be! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Monmouth County 4‑H Office.
Volunteers can serve in a variety of roles, including, but not limited to:

All registered adult 4‑H volunteers working directly with 4‑H youth in New Jersey complete a screening process and receive training at no cost to themselves. Teens may also serve in volunteer roles through the 4‑H Teen Leadership Project.

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Policy of Inclusion

4‑H Youth Development programs are offered to all youth, kindergarten through grade 13, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or handicap, on an age appropriate basis. Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) educational programs are open and accessible to all. If special accomendations are needed, please contact the RCE Office.

For more information, contact 4‑H 732-431-7260 x7264 or