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Rutgers Master Gardener Program


Rutgers Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by Rutgers Cooperative Extension to provide educational programs and activities in support of environmentally responsible home gardening. To learn more about becoming a Master Gardener or to receive an application, call 732-431-7260, ext. 7262.
Some Master Gardener services are:

Master Gardener Helpline: 732-303-7614

Trained Master Gardener volunteers operate a year-round telephone helpline to advise the public about horticultural matters and diagnose and solve home gardening problems. County residents may get free answers to home garden, insect, and pest questions by calling the helpline from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday–Friday. After hours, on weekends, and during especially busy times of the year, please leave a voicemail stating your questions, and your call will be returned.

The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Monmouth County are sponsored by the joint cooperation of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Brookdale Community College, and Monmouth County Parks System.

Email us your questions, photographs and general gardening inquiries.

Community Projects

If you have a Monmouth County public gardening project on which you would like consulting, contact us. Examples are garden planning, and educational outreach and advice. Call Diane Larson at 732-431-7260, ext. 7262.

Gardening Speakers

Got a speaking slot to fill for your organization's meeting? We've got a speaker for you! We can provide a knowledgeable speaker about any gardening topic - from growing roses to generating compost, Japanese beetles to Jersey woodchucks… Give us a call. We are here to serve the Monmouth County gardening community.

We are continually adding talks to our catalog and entertain requests for new talks. A partial list follows: See our brochure (PDF) for a list of topics. For more information contact the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Monmouth County, 732-303-7614.

Horticultural Enrichment

Horticultural enrichment is a process utilizing plants and horticultural activities to improve the social, educational, psychological and physical of persons, thus improving their body, mind and spirits.

Groups for whom horticultural enrichment has proven beneficial include people who are physically disabled, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, elderly, substance abusers, public offenders and socially disadvantaged. We provide consultative services to all of these. For more information, contact the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Monmouth County, 732-303-7614.

Master Gardener Events

The Master Gardeners sponsor a variety of events throughout the year. These events include a series of lectures on environmentally responsible home gardening, a Spring Garden Day plant sale (third weekend in May), and an award winning insect festival in September. Most events are held at the Cooperative Extension Office.

Diane Larson, County Horticulturist, coordinates the Master Gardener Program in Monmouth County. For more information, contact her at 732-431-7260, ext. 7262.